Friday, 4 March 2011


I love Ireland, well Dublin (as that's the only place I've been - well I have been to Belfast once but that didn't count a it was off the plane straight to a meeting and then straight on a train down to Dublin, so didn't get to see much of the city - the train journey was very scenic though as we journeyed along the coast)

The people are nice and extremely friendly and the accent is great "to be sure"...Just spent two days there on business but it was "nice" business. So I pretended I was a tourist and took some photo's of touristy interesting bits (you wouldn't have believed that I've been here several times before):

This is the famous Ha'Penny Bridge over the famous Liffey River.  On my way to the client meeting we walked along the river front.  As you can see it was a bit of a grey morning but not as cold as it seemed. I love the reflection of the Bridge in the waters.  It was quite beautiful walking along the river front & calming....I can only imagine what it would be like in the summer, (we only seem to go out in March...must plan this better).

This is O'Connell Street, with Mr O'Connell himself (statue that is, not the man in front)!!  Famous for the 1916 rising against the dreaded "English" and as being the scene of a pitched battle in July 1922, on the outbreak of the Irish Civil War...(see you even get meaningful history on this blog)!!!

Now a bit of art....

Sculptures depicting the Irish Potato Famine 1845 to 1852.....

....and the Samuel Beckett Bridge (I took a photo today of the bridge but as it was grey, you couldn't see the full effect...sooo here's one I took last year, same time, but on a sunnier day....):

I've nicknamed this bridge the "Guinness" Bridge, as it looks like Guinness's harp logo...well it does.. doesn't it and we are in Ireland, so I think it's fitting, so there!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!

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