Monday, 28 March 2011

A Tale Of Two Yarns (or maybe Three) - 2KCBWDAY1

So I thought a bit about this and found out that I actually really really really like yarn (or wool) as we say here in the UK "yarn" seems to be the American equivalent - I could be wrong though, so don't shoot me!!

Anyway to date my favourite is a battle between my newly bought bamboo/wool - wool (get the pun!!) (pictured here):

and my Wendy Cashmerino, pictured here:

I'm working on both of them on at the moment and well, I just love the feel of both in my hands, on my smooth, so aahhhhhh!!!!

To be honest, I think the bamboo one is just winning (just) - maybe the colour has something to do with it.what do you think????  Didn't like the colour at first (yea I know but it was on sale!!) but now that I am knitting it up - I think I've fallen in love...literally!!  I'm making a sleeveless top with it and so far so good...aahhhhhh (again).

So, from the "I'm Loving You" yarn to the "I'm Not Sure That I Like You", yarn (pictured here):

Seriously, what was I thinking...?????!!!!  It looks like a throw back to the 70's and Disco.  Not even sure what to make with it, as I only have 3 balls and one of them is white...(er..don't really, don't ask)...It doesnt even have a name (not one that anyone recognises anyway) - it's called Shimmer Love, Love Yarn..(I take it back...its from the 60's!!!).   And to make matters worse, the photo is supposed to be horizontal.... I don't think the camera liked it either!  What to do with it......someone help me PLEASE!!!???


  1. I posted about the Wendy merino too, I love it! There is a very deep purple shade I really would like to get my hands on soon.

    Love the colour of the first yarn. Oh I say yarn for all non-wool erm, yarns! Though it is a very British thing to call them all wool and makes Ebay searches more complicated than they need to be

  2. Ok I think I could work with yarn for non-wool (wool) but I think I would be asked why am I suddenly turning
    Deep Purple now that sounds "yummy" -let me know if you succeed in getting it.

  3. I love the bamboo yarn! What an amazing color!

  4. Hey look on the bright side. You didn't buy avacado green or the hideous burnt orange that was so popular in the 70's. It's pretty enough to make something for a little girl perhaps?

    The bamboo yarn looks amazing and the color is stunning. And I have never met a cashmere I didn't like.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Annie B. (from across the pond) :)

  5. Thanks Ann, I'm toying with making something for my daughter but I need to work up the courage to do so :)

  6. So even though it isn't wool you call it wool?