Friday, 6 July 2012

Match, Set & Design

It's Wimbledon, so I'm trying to be topical - did it work???

Anyway, It's FINALLY finished, 18 months later and I'm officially done.

You would have heard me speak of the dreaded scarf knitted on small needles, that was never ending?? Yes that one... well I'm done and in case you didn't realise, (its been so long), it is part of a matching set:- beret, scarf and fingerless mittens.

I made the beret first and it sat languishing, waiting for the scarf to be finished. I couldn't wear the beret until the scarf was done - I know but that's just me!!

The beret was knitted from a pattern in an edition of the The Art Of Knitting magazine. I loved knitting this and it was so quick to complete but thought a scarf would complete the look perfectly.

So I just started knitting the scarf, no pattern just made it up as I went along...guess you could call it my first real knitted design piece. It wasn't until I was a quarter of the way through and realised that it was taking way too long, that I changed the design somewhat to a kind of "scarflette". I had to look up how to make buttonholes, so I guess you can say I learnt a new knitting skill in the process. I picked up the button at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, last year, when I thought I had a couple of weeks left before it was finished......Oh the joys of hindsight!!!

The mittens were an afterthought. I had so much yarn left over when I finished and I had never knitted mittens, that I thought why not and casted on. In fact I've still got a lot of yarn left that I'm thinking I may make another beret, this time reversing the colours (i.e. main colour green).

Here's the final result, (hat & scarf modelled by Miss H):

Oh and by the way, to carry on the sporting theme, the Olympic Rings are now up on Tower Bridge....yeah!!"

- Cheerio