Thursday, 31 March 2011

Where Is It Now? Whatever Happened to Your... - 2KCBWDAY4


Well this is gonna be quick....

I knitted this scarf because the wool and pattern came free with The Art Of Knitting magazine...(and also because my daughter wanted it)!!!

So I loving knitted it, did the stripes and thought ....mmmm...not bad. I then got Jade below to model it and.......

then gave it to my daughter .....I think it has only seen the light of day once!!!!

Where is it now?.......HERE..!!!!:
 That's why I make things for myself...uh!!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tidy Mind - Tidy Stitches (..erm..) - 2KCBWDAY3

I would like to say that I'm organised and exacting on how I keep my knitting materials.  For example, here's my Knitting Box, the receptacle for all my wool/yarns and WIP's.  I also keep loose patterns in here:

Pictured here is the container for all my knitting needles and knitting accessories...(bought this especially for the purpose of) also pictured is the container holding the beads, buttons and sequins....which one day I am determined to use on a project, (for now it just looks pretty):

I didn't take a photo (feeling a bit lazy now) but I also keep some patterns in  file together with some books, I recently got for my birthday, on my bookcase.

I would like to say that I am organised.......but here is the reality:

Slightly Organised..!!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Skill + 1UP - 2KCBWDAY2

Now I have to say that I have come a long way, when it comes to my skills at knitting.  Particularly when I look back over the past year and the patterns I decided to take on.

This is going to be relatively short, as I have already spoken about this project previous blog but I just wanted to say that I am so proud of myself for actually attempting and completing my first lace pattern...yes my black lace pashmina..

It was pretty hard doing all the YO, K2tog and all that and remembering the rows, etc.  It was actually this project that made me buy my most favourite knitting tool (the row counter) - extremely useful, when doing an 8 row pattern like this one.

I've come to realise that "concentration" was/is the key with lace - at the time I wasn't sure I would attempt another lacey number but now that it's done, I'm thinking why not - maybe I'll do another one but this time in red!!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

A Tale Of Two Yarns (or maybe Three) - 2KCBWDAY1

So I thought a bit about this and found out that I actually really really really like yarn (or wool) as we say here in the UK "yarn" seems to be the American equivalent - I could be wrong though, so don't shoot me!!

Anyway to date my favourite is a battle between my newly bought bamboo/wool - wool (get the pun!!) (pictured here):

and my Wendy Cashmerino, pictured here:

I'm working on both of them on at the moment and well, I just love the feel of both in my hands, on my smooth, so aahhhhhh!!!!

To be honest, I think the bamboo one is just winning (just) - maybe the colour has something to do with it.what do you think????  Didn't like the colour at first (yea I know but it was on sale!!) but now that I am knitting it up - I think I've fallen in love...literally!!  I'm making a sleeveless top with it and so far so good...aahhhhhh (again).

So, from the "I'm Loving You" yarn to the "I'm Not Sure That I Like You", yarn (pictured here):

Seriously, what was I thinking...?????!!!!  It looks like a throw back to the 70's and Disco.  Not even sure what to make with it, as I only have 3 balls and one of them is white...(er..don't really, don't ask)...It doesnt even have a name (not one that anyone recognises anyway) - it's called Shimmer Love, Love Yarn..(I take it back...its from the 60's!!!).   And to make matters worse, the photo is supposed to be horizontal.... I don't think the camera liked it either!  What to do with it......someone help me PLEASE!!!???

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Plane Knitting

Well it's true, you can take knitting needles on a plane (as long as they are wooden/bamboo ones).  So the lady at the Stitch and Craft Show that sold me the 2.25mm bamboo circular needles - you're definitely correct and sorry for my slight cynicism on that!!

Any way just to take you on my journey to this point.

So I bought these needles as a test to see if I could get take them on board.  They were pretty cheap at £2.99, so I gathered if airport security confiscated them, it would be no great loss.  I planned on starting a new project (first ever socks) on the plane as well, so I wouldn't lose something I was already working on or, have to take the stitches off the needles, if they were confiscated.  (Thought about bringing a self addressed envelope as everyone said, but that is what it stayed as "a thought"!!)

So off I went - flight from London  to New York - went through Heathrow security with them in my hand luggage and no one batted an eyelid.  I didn't even try to hide them (I know what these security people are like, I've had them questioning me and searching through my baggage before because, I was carrying an umbrella - I think they thought it was a disguised gun!).  So sat down on the plane took out the needles and began to cast on.  I was a bit wary though because I thought, any minute now the air stewardess would swoop down on me and remove them forthwith but apart from a quick glance, to see what I was doing...nada.

So for the 6+ hour flight I knitted mostly on (through Movies - The Kings Speech and Megamind (good film - I've got kids) but occasionally off (lunch, snack and a quick dose).  Now I have to tell you that this was the first time that I  have ever knitted with bamboo needles, knitted in the round and also tried to do socks and I have to say that all three were a disaster.  I decided about an hour into the flight that I didn't like working with the bamboo needles, (didn't like the feel), the circular wire was also a bit too long and stretched the stitches and I had no idea what I was doing with the socks/pattern, so I frogged it, gave up working in the round and decided to restart just ribbing back and forth on the two needles.  Had done quite a bit when we reached New York but on arrival at the Hotel, I frogged it again (I really needed to work in the round or with 3 dpk). - ridiculous!!

We then had to do an internal flight from New York to Chicago and again carried the needles on in my hand luggage, sailed through security and took them out again on the plane (by this time, I decided to make a small childs beret in the round - so commenced ribbing - this felt better - more stitches - less stretch!)

And then, flight back to London from Chicago, again in hand luggage, through security and on to plane -  carried on knitting beret rim but not a lot, as it was an overnight flight and they turned off the lights!

Am home now and I am going to frog this project again - why, because I have no-one to give this beret to - too small and I really don't like the bamboo needles!!

Next time I get on a flight (soonish), I will have a proper project to work on and so can ignore the feel of the needles!!  I have to say though that it does make the hours fly by - now how about letting us blog on the plane too eh...???

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Self Control

You would be soooooo proud of me today.  I just happened to be near my favourite shop of all time at the moment, (just in case you missed my previous blog, here is the photo):

Anyway, (as you do), I thought I would just pop in....just to see .....and well came across some Wendy yarn on sale, (to be exact Wendy Mode DK, Wendy Merino DK, Wendy Skye, Wendy Mode Chunky and then some).   Oh the feel of them in my hands!!!! I quickly tried to work out what I could make, picked up about 7 balls of beautiful Lilac Wendy Mode Chunky - had a look at the patterns and then......

......had an attack of conscience - did I really need any more wool right now??  Seriously, my knitting box (see previous blog) and various plastic bags near it are already brimming and overflowing with wool.  There was no more room and I couldn't justify the spend to my husband.  I've got numerous projects yet to start, that I told him I need the then bought wool for - seriously, I've run out of excuses!!!!

Anyway, I calmly commenced putting the wool back in place, lingering over them a little longer than necessary, picked up some cable needles instead, cost £1.69 - (don't actually need them now but I will for one of the projects I told my hubby I'd be starting :), paid for them and calmly walked out of the shop. Good shopping and cable needles are a necessity!!!

There was a brief moment of near hysteria however, when I thought of the beautiful lilac but I resisted and calmly walked to my car.  Oh the self control!!

Then I remembered...and the whole world seemed a better place!!!  Yes, I'm going to the Stitch and Craft Show this weekend.....  all the wool in the world - I'll save my money for then and maybe I'll start a project for my hubby, at least that's my excuse..(no I will sometime in the future:)

Friday, 11 March 2011


Ok I'm using the Blogger app for the first time on my phone, so I hope this will work.  Anyway, I'm so excited - I've just received my ticket for Stitch & Craft show at the Olympia, 17th to 20th March, can't wait.   Wool, knitting & crochet shows, needles, beads you name it it will be there!  It's going to be my day out, by myself and I am going to enjoy!

Friday, 4 March 2011


I love Ireland, well Dublin (as that's the only place I've been - well I have been to Belfast once but that didn't count a it was off the plane straight to a meeting and then straight on a train down to Dublin, so didn't get to see much of the city - the train journey was very scenic though as we journeyed along the coast)

The people are nice and extremely friendly and the accent is great "to be sure"...Just spent two days there on business but it was "nice" business. So I pretended I was a tourist and took some photo's of touristy interesting bits (you wouldn't have believed that I've been here several times before):

This is the famous Ha'Penny Bridge over the famous Liffey River.  On my way to the client meeting we walked along the river front.  As you can see it was a bit of a grey morning but not as cold as it seemed. I love the reflection of the Bridge in the waters.  It was quite beautiful walking along the river front & calming....I can only imagine what it would be like in the summer, (we only seem to go out in March...must plan this better).

This is O'Connell Street, with Mr O'Connell himself (statue that is, not the man in front)!!  Famous for the 1916 rising against the dreaded "English" and as being the scene of a pitched battle in July 1922, on the outbreak of the Irish Civil War...(see you even get meaningful history on this blog)!!!

Now a bit of art....

Sculptures depicting the Irish Potato Famine 1845 to 1852.....

....and the Samuel Beckett Bridge (I took a photo today of the bridge but as it was grey, you couldn't see the full effect...sooo here's one I took last year, same time, but on a sunnier day....):

I've nicknamed this bridge the "Guinness" Bridge, as it looks like Guinness's harp logo...well it does.. doesn't it and we are in Ireland, so I think it's fitting, so there!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!