Sunday, 27 March 2011

Plane Knitting

Well it's true, you can take knitting needles on a plane (as long as they are wooden/bamboo ones).  So the lady at the Stitch and Craft Show that sold me the 2.25mm bamboo circular needles - you're definitely correct and sorry for my slight cynicism on that!!

Any way just to take you on my journey to this point.

So I bought these needles as a test to see if I could get take them on board.  They were pretty cheap at £2.99, so I gathered if airport security confiscated them, it would be no great loss.  I planned on starting a new project (first ever socks) on the plane as well, so I wouldn't lose something I was already working on or, have to take the stitches off the needles, if they were confiscated.  (Thought about bringing a self addressed envelope as everyone said, but that is what it stayed as "a thought"!!)

So off I went - flight from London  to New York - went through Heathrow security with them in my hand luggage and no one batted an eyelid.  I didn't even try to hide them (I know what these security people are like, I've had them questioning me and searching through my baggage before because, I was carrying an umbrella - I think they thought it was a disguised gun!).  So sat down on the plane took out the needles and began to cast on.  I was a bit wary though because I thought, any minute now the air stewardess would swoop down on me and remove them forthwith but apart from a quick glance, to see what I was doing...nada.

So for the 6+ hour flight I knitted mostly on (through Movies - The Kings Speech and Megamind (good film - I've got kids) but occasionally off (lunch, snack and a quick dose).  Now I have to tell you that this was the first time that I  have ever knitted with bamboo needles, knitted in the round and also tried to do socks and I have to say that all three were a disaster.  I decided about an hour into the flight that I didn't like working with the bamboo needles, (didn't like the feel), the circular wire was also a bit too long and stretched the stitches and I had no idea what I was doing with the socks/pattern, so I frogged it, gave up working in the round and decided to restart just ribbing back and forth on the two needles.  Had done quite a bit when we reached New York but on arrival at the Hotel, I frogged it again (I really needed to work in the round or with 3 dpk). - ridiculous!!

We then had to do an internal flight from New York to Chicago and again carried the needles on in my hand luggage, sailed through security and took them out again on the plane (by this time, I decided to make a small childs beret in the round - so commenced ribbing - this felt better - more stitches - less stretch!)

And then, flight back to London from Chicago, again in hand luggage, through security and on to plane -  carried on knitting beret rim but not a lot, as it was an overnight flight and they turned off the lights!

Am home now and I am going to frog this project again - why, because I have no-one to give this beret to - too small and I really don't like the bamboo needles!!

Next time I get on a flight (soonish), I will have a proper project to work on and so can ignore the feel of the needles!!  I have to say though that it does make the hours fly by - now how about letting us blog on the plane too eh...???


  1. Now you can start making my throw :)

  2. First year anniversary...I'm still working on the two other projects :)