Friday, 21 October 2011

Finished Object Friday (No. 5 - I think)

Good Friday all and as promised here are my Finished Objets D'Art (ok I'm feeling Frenchy & pretentious - well it is Friday...)

Firstly my son's cowl and actually my first attempt at knitting a cowl:

The design is Neckwarmer #1979, by Bernat and I used Wendy Mode DK. it was a nice simple knit in the round (I made it slightly longer and wider so that he could use it as a snood if he wanted to). My son is loving it at the moment. I think he particularly likes the fact that he can tighten it around his neck (I actual worked out the toggle, so proud of myself), when the weather gets nippy (which it did yesterday, boy was it cold!!).

Second is my Stockholm Scarf. Lurve......this. Oh my Lord, it is the warmest thing ever.......:

Knitted this with Rowan's Cashsoft DK, so soft, so squidgy, so warm!!!  Wore it for the first time yesterday and I have fought people who wanted to take it of my body, who stole it from the back of my chair and who put it their bags (can you believe it...???!!!).  The only thing is that it didn't like my coat and kind of "shed" on it, as you can see from the photo but that's OK, I'm getting a new coat anyway!!! (an excuse for Mr H methinks..)

Anyway, I'm off now got another cowl to finish and that lace to do...

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Progress Check

Yes, there is definitely a nip in the air, an easterly wind blowing and I my friends, have been busy.

Since my last post, I have knitted and finished two cowls (one for me and one for my son - think I may have told you about this one already but didn't post any pics), anyway I will tell you about these on Friday.

I'm definitely in the "Cowl" mood, so I have now casted on another one for Mr H.  It's the first time that I am knitting on 9mm needles (nearest I have come to these are 6.5mm, so this is a bit of an achievement!).  Think this one is going to go very fast, which is good because Mr H will need it as he works outdoors.

See my shiny new Knitpro needles....bought these at the Knitting & Stitching them...they are soooooo shiny.!!!

Remember my Baby Blankie, well I am progressing (albeit slowly) on this.  The body of the blanket is now finished and I am working on the lace to go around it but its boring.   I have to do approx. 468cms and I am BORED!!.  I think I have about 5 repeats of the pattern to do, which in the scheme of things is not long, but I can't work up any enthusiasm to finish it....arrgghhh!!!  I will have to though as baby is due in approx 5 weeks time and I will need to give something..(wonder if they would like baby booties instead (*sigh*).  Here's a bit of the knitted lace anyway:

The Greenleaf Wrap is still in the same condition it was in, in August.  Nothing to see there, so move on....  Same for the scarf from hell (and that's going back to April)....moving on...

Oh and I frogged the Mohair Wrap, wasn't working for me!  Will have to re-do but not until next year now!!

So all in all that's it.  I have to cast on one more cowl, this time for my daughter and then I need to finish all WIP's before the New Year (or so I tell myself, unless I see another Cowl pattern I like (which I have and then....well.....I've been eyeing up this book - putting on my Christmas list):

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Until Friday then...Cheerio!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Soooooo..... Excited!!!!!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.....yes folks, my tickets have come for the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace on Saturday, 9th October. I'm going with my daughter, who's into sewing, she's excited too.

Oh what to do with myself before then I do not know well actually I do...I have a plan of action, as follows:
  1. Printed out list of exhibitors from Ravelry, I'm in the process of "Googling" them and then highlighting the ones that I really want to see/buy from - I'm on a budget. (See I can be focused!).
  2. Make a list of what I am in need of, want to buy and may buy if I have any money left at the end of the day.

    Then on the actual day, my plan of action is to:
  3. Leave early and drive (it's going to take at least an hour and a half but apparently there's loads of free parking - result).
  4. Wear trainers (loads of walking - I'm wearing my sketchers fitness trainers, so I can keep fit at the same time - I can multi-task!!)
  5. Wear layers (just in case it gets too hot/cold).
  6. Bring cash only, no cards, (I'm on a budget, see point 1 above).
  7. Bring packed lunch, water, etc. ( no time to sit and take in a leisurely lunch. Too much to see. Also I am on a budget - see points 1 & 6 above).
  8. Bring a big enough backpack to store purchased items in, so I am not carrying huge amounts of bags around and looking like a "bag lady". (Pity daughter is not at the baby stage so I could have a pram, to cart said purchases around in...mmmm - wonder if I could nip out and put things in the car and nip back in again, may have to ask the question).
So you see I'm organised for this one (not like the last show, where I wasn't, ended up overspending (including buying some awful yarn (see previous blog) and couldn't look Mr H in the eyes)!!! If you're going to Ally Pally on Saturday....see ya there!!

Anyway, for those of you looking for a quick WIP update, I've finished my son's cowl (you'll see an update on Friday) and I've just casted on my Stockholm Scarf, which I've named "Greenness Cowlness" (don't ask me why, 'cos I dunno!!). Loving the yarn - Rowans Cashsoft DK:

For more WIP's, check out Tami's Amis blog.