Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Progress Check

Yes, there is definitely a nip in the air, an easterly wind blowing and I my friends, have been busy.

Since my last post, I have knitted and finished two cowls (one for me and one for my son - think I may have told you about this one already but didn't post any pics), anyway I will tell you about these on Friday.

I'm definitely in the "Cowl" mood, so I have now casted on another one for Mr H.  It's the first time that I am knitting on 9mm needles (nearest I have come to these are 6.5mm, so this is a bit of an achievement!).  Think this one is going to go very fast, which is good because Mr H will need it as he works outdoors.

See my shiny new Knitpro needles....bought these at the Knitting & Stitching them...they are soooooo shiny.!!!

Remember my Baby Blankie, well I am progressing (albeit slowly) on this.  The body of the blanket is now finished and I am working on the lace to go around it but its boring.   I have to do approx. 468cms and I am BORED!!.  I think I have about 5 repeats of the pattern to do, which in the scheme of things is not long, but I can't work up any enthusiasm to finish it....arrgghhh!!!  I will have to though as baby is due in approx 5 weeks time and I will need to give something..(wonder if they would like baby booties instead (*sigh*).  Here's a bit of the knitted lace anyway:

The Greenleaf Wrap is still in the same condition it was in, in August.  Nothing to see there, so move on....  Same for the scarf from hell (and that's going back to April)....moving on...

Oh and I frogged the Mohair Wrap, wasn't working for me!  Will have to re-do but not until next year now!!

So all in all that's it.  I have to cast on one more cowl, this time for my daughter and then I need to finish all WIP's before the New Year (or so I tell myself, unless I see another Cowl pattern I like (which I have and then....well.....I've been eyeing up this book - putting on my Christmas list):

For more WIP's check out Tami's Amis blog:

Until Friday then...Cheerio!


  1. I think cowls are an excellent project, especially when it is cold outside. They feel like a fairly quick but very satisfying project :) Love your shiny needles

  2. The cowl looks great and the weather will be cold before you know it.
    The edging for the blanket is very pretty. I know what you mean about it taking so long.

  3. Yay for new needles :D The cowl and blanket look great so far :)

  4. You are definitely on a roll with Cowls. Seems to me you should absolutely get the book - more inspiration, more projects, more fun!

  5. So shiny. Love the new needles.

    Oh dear about the border. I am sure if you set small goals a day, like maybe one repeat a day then it won't be so bad?

  6. The cowl looks great! I understand your boredom, but that lace is beautiful!

  7. ooh... those needles are so shiny!

  8. Big needles always make things fly by :)
    Cowls seem to be very popular this fall!

  9. Love the clean look of your blog. And the shiny needles suit it so well. Love the projects!

  10. Nice shiny new needles! Isn't it fun knitting on humumgous needles? So gratifying to see it work up so quickly!