Thursday, 24 May 2012

Finally Socks

Finally, finally, finally, I have got around to knitting socks.

I have seen sock projects everywhere (and Ravelry doesn't help really).  I have read that there is nothing like a hand knit sock for comfort, for durability, for fit, for feel but have never felt the need to turn my hand to this item of clothing.

To be honest, the patterns looked too complicated and beyond my technical ability, (I still think they are!).  I also don't know whether I will like hand knit socks but like I tell my kids, "you will never know if you don't try!"

Anyway, I made a promise at the beginning of this year that I would learn some new techniques in 2012, and in one fell swoop I am managing to tick two of the list - i.e learning how to knit in the round on double pointed needles and learning how to knit socks - Result.

I found the perfect pattern on Ravelry, The Universal Toe Up Sock Formula, which led me to use The Sock Pattern Generator, which did all the Maths for me - all the better!!! I did of course have to do a swatch to get gauge (I think this was my first swatch - I'm feeling more like a professional knitter everyday 😊)!

I counted 9 stitches to an inch, plugged it into the Sock Pattern Generator, got the require cast on stitches and away I went. It was going good, I got to halfway up my foot, when I decided to try it on - DISASTER, way too big - oh my days!! Actually it would have been alright if I had been Big Foot but, Big Foot, I certainly ain't!!

So I had to re-swatch and recount - stupid me, counted wrong - 8 stitches to an inch (counted about 3 times just to make sure - definitely 8 stitches. I casted on again the required number of stitches, as per the Sock Pattern Generator and also this time I used Judy's Magic Cast On, couldn't be bothered with the crocheted provisional cast on, (plus the scrap yarn got tangled up in the original sock stitches and took forever to take out - that's another story!!!)

Anyway, second time around I am very happy and quite enjoying the process. This is where I got to so far:

Now I do hope that I don't get second sock syndrome and that I do actually wear these socks when they are done but if not, at least I can say that I have knitted socks and tick that off my To Do List.

For more work in progresses, check out Tami's Amis blog.

Until later......

- Cheerio

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Ok so I frogged it, it was driving me crazy!!! "Frogged what?" I hear you ask....I frogged this: (also see previous post).

Honestly dear readers, the next time I tell you I'm going to knit a separate lace edging and then sew it onto the "whatever" project, you have my express permission to whack me over the head with a pair of 15mm knitting needles!!

I mean honestly, what was I thinking??? I know from the Baby Blanket, that I absolutely hate knitting separate lace edgings, loathe it.....BORING! So what on earth possessed me to try it again...I must have been out of my mind!

Anyway, I frogged it and decided to knit a new facecloth, with a lace edging (only this time as part of the overall project), so when it's finished.....IT'S FINISHED)!

Here is progress so far:

And can I say, that I am loving this, it's a delight to knit up and a perfect travelling companion. I've even got my little initial at the edge (not sure if you can see it but it's there).

I must also say, that I have definitely got value for money from the yarn, Patons UK 100% Cotton. I think I paid something like £4 for a single ball and I have already knit one facecloth, (albeit without lace edging) and the above one is halfway through with plenty more yarn left. I think I may also get another facecloth in, though smaller, so that's three. So when you think I could pay £2 for a shop bought facecloth and then, have to buy some lace (if I wanted edging), to sew really is quite economic to get 3 facecloths out of one £4 ball, isn't it?? Result all around I think!

Thanks for popping by!

- Cheerio