Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Ok so I frogged it, it was driving me crazy!!! "Frogged what?" I hear you ask....I frogged this: (also see previous post).

Honestly dear readers, the next time I tell you I'm going to knit a separate lace edging and then sew it onto the "whatever" project, you have my express permission to whack me over the head with a pair of 15mm knitting needles!!

I mean honestly, what was I thinking??? I know from the Baby Blanket, that I absolutely hate knitting separate lace edgings, loathe it.....BORING! So what on earth possessed me to try it again...I must have been out of my mind!

Anyway, I frogged it and decided to knit a new facecloth, with a lace edging (only this time as part of the overall project), so when it's finished.....IT'S FINISHED)!

Here is progress so far:

And can I say, that I am loving this, it's a delight to knit up and a perfect travelling companion. I've even got my little initial at the edge (not sure if you can see it but it's there).

I must also say, that I have definitely got value for money from the yarn, Patons UK 100% Cotton. I think I paid something like £4 for a single ball and I have already knit one facecloth, (albeit without lace edging) and the above one is halfway through with plenty more yarn left. I think I may also get another facecloth in, though smaller, so that's three. So when you think I could pay £2 for a shop bought facecloth and then, have to buy some lace (if I wanted edging), to sew really is quite economic to get 3 facecloths out of one £4 ball, isn't it?? Result all around I think!

Thanks for popping by!

- Cheerio

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