Monday, 23 May 2011

C is for.............

Colour.  Another thrilling instalment from.....

I know it's hard to believe but my wardrobe is not very exciting on the colourful scale of things.  In fact it's quite boring - grey, blue, browns, the occasional red, green and white but huge amounts of black.  I've decided I like black, it's easy, goes with almost everything and is quite slimming (which is extremely important believe me!!).

However, with summer approaching, I'm going to make a concerted effort to buy and wear more colourful items of clothing and of course, that will involve being on the look out for colourful yarn - can my heart take the excitement???!!!

I'll leave you with one of my colourful borders in my garden.  I look at nature and think look at the wonderful colours that God has created....I'll use this to inspire me!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sleeveless Top ...... Finished

 Well I finally get to do my first FO Friday (i.e. Finished Object Friday)...yeah!!!

I originally posted the project for one of my WIP Wednesday blogs, and here is the finished object:

Just a quick note on the sequins.  I wanted to do something with the neck and found this in my local a Hobbycraft shop, the colour fitted perfectly, so I bought a metre of it...I know it's a bit "bling" but I like it!!!!

Fits perfectly (sorry I haven't got a photo with me in it..maybe later). Can't wait to wear it (in the height of the British Summer.  I'm not going to go away this year, so as said before - I'm hoping :)). 

Quite easy and fast to knit, mainly stocking stitch, with a frilly laced hem.

I am thinking though, that I might need to make a shrug to wear over it for chillier times - I do have 2.5 balls of this yarn left.

I enjoyed making this and hope you like it!!! 

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

B is for ................Birthday..

Not mine Hubby's - Mr H..

I'm slightly late on my blog by a day but I wanted to get it done today, as today is his birthday...(is there too many "days" in this sentence??? - oh well).

I'm not sure that he would appreciate me telling everyone his age but well...let's put it this way - he's made it pass 40, thank the Lord..
I met him nearly 20 years ago, playing his Bass Guitar, he's a musician to the hilt and he is still playing his Bass. We'll be married 17 years this year - thats good going (especially as I know some people didn't make it pass their honeymoon).

He's a good guy, not sure he understands my passion for knitting but he puts up with it, even when I turn up with more yarn, when I was supposed to be food shopping...tee hee!!!

Occasionally he tries to be deep...then starts laughing, he can't dance and can never remember the words to any song, except his world famous rap (..that only the family knows...!!).

There are 5 loves in his life - God, his Family, his Bass Guitars, Music and his I-pad 2.

He's my best friend, the father of my children and we love him loads..... 

Happy Birthday, Mr H!!!