Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A is for Acrylic (The Twist)

Well I am doing the A to Z blog challenge, as part of my Ravelry Group, courtesy of An Accidental Knitter and so am dealing with the theme "Acrylic".  Now this is more like a tale of two "Acrylics" and if you read on you'll get my drift......

Acrylic No. 1:-  is of the yarn type.  The very first yarn that I learnt to knit with and I used it for years and had no problems with it.   To be fair I did only knit throws and scarves but it did the job and for the most part, turned out quite well. 

So I was a happy lady, until I discovered that there was another world of yarn out there, when I decided to try my hand at pattern knitting and that they actually recommended certain yarns to use.

I discovered Cashmere, Bamboo, Silk, Mohair, 100% Wool, etc.  Was quite tempted to become a yarn snob until I actually realised that I cant afford most of them...unless they were on sale (and it would have to be a good one at that) - come on 12/15 quid a ball..???!!!  - and even that is good pricing compared to some!!

So I  have decided (amongst the other yarn that I use) that I actually do like acrylic...the range of colours, easy to get hold of, great for some projects apart from throws, not irritating on the skin like some natural fibers and cheap - so there!

Acrylic No. 2: - I've just discovered that I am allergic to the Acrylic used to overlay nails!  Oh woe..woe...woe is me!!!

I loved my nails, long, strong and with the ability to keep nail polish going for 2 weeks without having to re-paint them.

Now I am reduced to itchy, peeling fingers, short nails and medicated cream - what is going on?

I've worn false nails and overlays for years with no problem and now for the last two times of doing my nails
- this!  (I'm not going to show you a photo - it's too devastating!!!)

Oh well I guess I am now resolved to stay with my natural nails but at least I can knit something with my affordable Acrylic yarn..mmmm..bitter...sweet!


  1. Over only ever knitted with acrylic and always stood a couple of feet away from the cashmere, bamboo and cotton at the yarn shop, as I don't, as you said, want to become a yarn snob. I am though, going to treat myself next Monday to a posh ball of yarn (I like you cannot believe how expensive some of these yarns can be, yesterday I found a 100g skein of yarn for £30, I mean what?!). Ill probably Never knit with it, just sit and look at it.

  2. I enjoyed reading your first ABC post. Looking forward to next weeks :)

  3. I had the same experience with acrylic yarn as you did. I learned to knit with acrylic. I never knew anything else. As I got back into knitting last year, I found a LYS which had the most beautiful and yes expensive, natural fibers.
    Coming full circle, I will knit with acrylics and every once in a while treat myself to the more expensive stuff.
    As far as the nails go, I too always wore acrylics, but they really messed my nails up. They made them brittle and soft.
    I have since discovered something called Shellac. It lives up to the claim of no chipping for 14 days.
    Here is the link to one type http://www.cnd.com/Products/Color/shellac-hello.aspx

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies and you're right Charlotte, if I bought yarn at that price I would only look at it as well. Thanks Lyndagrace, I will go online today and check Shellac out...anything to help my poor nails..lol

  5. I tend to do a mix of yarns but I have no issues with nice soft acrylics. My stash is about 50/50 now. I love it's wash-ability and the fact that I can get it easily and not have to wait on an order to come in the mail!