Monday, 23 May 2011

C is for.............

Colour.  Another thrilling instalment from.....

I know it's hard to believe but my wardrobe is not very exciting on the colourful scale of things.  In fact it's quite boring - grey, blue, browns, the occasional red, green and white but huge amounts of black.  I've decided I like black, it's easy, goes with almost everything and is quite slimming (which is extremely important believe me!!).

However, with summer approaching, I'm going to make a concerted effort to buy and wear more colourful items of clothing and of course, that will involve being on the look out for colourful yarn - can my heart take the excitement???!!!

I'll leave you with one of my colourful borders in my garden.  I look at nature and think look at the wonderful colours that God has created....I'll use this to inspire me!!


  1. My closet also has a lot of blacks, grays, navy blue. But every once in a while I'll break out the hot pink or lime green!

  2. You could always take it slow, wear your usual colours but add a bright scarf, bag or belt... Ease into the colour ;) I tend to wear black and grey, but I do have some fantastically bright clothes, just depends on my mood which I wear!

  3. I would say the best way to start wearing colours it to wear them as accessories. That way you don't leave the house feeling like you look like a clown, and therefore feeling self concious. Bright bags and earrings are good for this, and bright sandles in the summer