Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Day Off Again......WooHoo!!

I know it sounds too wonderful to be true but what with the Easter long weekend, the Royal Wedding (loved  the wedding dress)/May Day Bank Holiday long weekend - I think I've done quite well for time off work, in the past two weeks.  So imagine my joy, when I realised I have tomorrow off as well because it's Polling Day at my daughter's school...oooo I'm loving this!!!!

We've booked the morning for Hobbycraft - sad I know...but both of us are excited. My daughter doesn't knit - bless her - but she is something of an artist - so we will spend the morning looking at yarn, paint and the relevant accessories thereof and I'm sure there will be a few purchases made...shhhhhh don't tell Mr H!!!

I have to go out in the evening - I'm teaching but I'm sure I will get a bit of knitting done before then.  In the meantime, here's this Wednesday's WIP photo - it's going to be a white shrug for "moi" - (this is the cuff of the sleeve).  It's my first attempt at a shrug, so hopefully will go OK, as I need a few in different colours......

Oh and last week's WIP hasn't progressed very much (actually to be honest it hasn't progressed at all - it's those needles!!!) BUT I've almost finished the sleeveless top, just the neck to finish off - photo's will come later.

Anyway I'm off now - thanks for reading....see you soon.

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  1. Your shrug will be lovely.
    Extra days off is always a pleasure. I hope you have fun!