Friday, 20 May 2011

Sleeveless Top ...... Finished

 Well I finally get to do my first FO Friday (i.e. Finished Object Friday)...yeah!!!

I originally posted the project for one of my WIP Wednesday blogs, and here is the finished object:

Just a quick note on the sequins.  I wanted to do something with the neck and found this in my local a Hobbycraft shop, the colour fitted perfectly, so I bought a metre of it...I know it's a bit "bling" but I like it!!!!

Fits perfectly (sorry I haven't got a photo with me in it..maybe later). Can't wait to wear it (in the height of the British Summer.  I'm not going to go away this year, so as said before - I'm hoping :)). 

Quite easy and fast to knit, mainly stocking stitch, with a frilly laced hem.

I am thinking though, that I might need to make a shrug to wear over it for chillier times - I do have 2.5 balls of this yarn left.

I enjoyed making this and hope you like it!!! 

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  1. Yay, welcome to FO Friday! :) I'm a fan of sparkle, so I adore the sequins you used, they look fantastic with the scooped neck, and I love the colour of this top and the ruffley-ness, too. It looks like it'll be fun to wear.

  2. Gorgeous top. I love the sequins. I think they are the perfect touch.

  3. Thank you very much for your comments.

  4. What a cute summery project. I think the matching shrug is a great idea for your extra yarn.

  5. Very nice. Love the color and the seqins.

  6. Lovely! The sequins are a great addition.

  7. Popped in cause you were listed on WIPW.

    Nice finished project from last wk though.

  8. What a pretty top- the sequins add a really nice finishing touch. I think a shrug would be a great idea, to make it more of a multi-seasonal garment- would you put sequins on the shrug, too? Say, around the wrists?