Friday, 25 November 2011


No not Golf - Finished Objects!

One, Two and Three were completed last week and this week makes Four...get it...four in two weeks wow!  I think that will be it for a while though....

Now if you remember from Teenage Fashion, I urgently needed to finish a hat before my son lost his swagger, and dear readers I have, here he is wearing it:

Pattern:  (Cabled Watch-cap by Kristen Orme)

I quite like this hat, was thinking about giving it to him!!  However, I'm chuffed to bits because he has worn it every day since it was made, (he didn't even want me to block it as it just had to be worn the next day, to school - crazy kid, (actually the mornings are quite cold now).  I have to admit though, there has been a few mornings of , "...mum have I got it on right??...". (sigh)   (You'll have to read Teenage Fashion to understand what I'm saying here, if you don't know what I mean).

Oh and guess what, after months of thinking I couldn't do it, I finally figured out Magic Loop and used it on this project - it was super easy.  I'm feeling more proficient everyday...So proud of myself!!

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Friday, 18 November 2011

One, Two, Three....

Yes folks not one, not two ....but a mighty three Finished Objects this cool is that, eh???!!!  

Not that I have finished them all this week, no that would be madness. To be truthful, it was done over the past couple of weeks but it's all exciting stuff and I feel like a proficient knitter.

So here goes, first FO is Mr H's Cowl:

Knitted in black chunky yarn, pattern is Mistakes - I've made a few!, by Susan Ashcroft, it was the fastest knit I think I've ever done but then it was done on beautiful shiny chunky needles.

Second FO is Miss H's cowl, in beautiful purple:

 I have to admit that's have worn this twice myself since knitting it, love it. The pattern is Sunset In Seattle, by Seattle Yarn.
And last but definitely not least, yes folks it's the Baby Blankie....finished at long last and with a week to go to the birth...ta da:

I know I said previously that I was bored of knitting the lace (see previous blog) but once completed, washed and steam blocked, I kinda fell back in love with this. Handing it over this weekend!!

Well fellow readers that's it (although at the rate I am going I may have another FO for next week - does that mean I really need to get a life???!!!)

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Teenager Fashion.

Teenage fashion is a phenomenon all by itself and my son's is no exception to this rule.

For him it's all about his "swagger", whatever that means. I can't begin to tell you the amount of times our conversation can go along the lines of... "Mum, should I wear my Nikes or my Vans?", I'll reply the Vans, then it's "what colour"? I'll say the black ones.....then he'll say... "no because it doesn't match anything that I'm wearing", (are you kidding me. .. black goes with everything he wears!!!!). 

Anyway after much to-ing and fro-ing over Nikes and Vans, I'll say something along the lines of why don't you wear a nice pair of shoes, to which the reply is very often "Muuuuuuummmmmm" ( meaning Mum I'm not an old man)....and then he'll change clothes and we have to go through the whole dialogue again....I give up!!

So it was with MUCH trepidation I decided to knit a hat for him, for the colder winter months.  I didn't tell him I was doing this of course, in case he poo-pooed the idea and I would be much hurt.  To be honest, I had some yarn left over from making his cowl (which he does actually wear so I must have some fashion expertise!!) and thought I might as well make a hat plus, I also wanted to make something with cables (which I haven't done since making my Quilted Throw).

So there I was on my sofa, blissfully cabling away, when my daughter let it slip what I was doing (last time I tell her anything...uh!!).  He looked at me and said.."you do know mum that I may never wear it, what does it look like?"


Well I showed him the pattern (Cabled Watch-cap by Kristen Orme), although I wanted to punch his lights out...cheeky... and then he said..."actually yeah that's the kind of hat all my friends are wearing, it's ok..yeah".  Now to translate that means..."Mum, you've hit the jackpot this time, you are a fashionista in every sense of the word, you "get" me and you "get" my style, that's my "swagger"".....Yes, folks I nailed it!!!

So just to let you all know, I am now knitting with enthusiastic frenzy, I need to get this finished soonest before he changes his "swagger" again..!!!   Here's my progress so far:

For more WIP's check out Tamis Amis blog, but for now, I have much knitting to do!!


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Picture WIP

OK I was trying to be all deep and artistic 'cos I don't have time to write - (so much work to do).  It's my latest WIP (my daughter's cowl).

Loving the colour (purple), knitting with Wendy Mode DK, pattern Sunset In Seattle by Seattle Yarn

Promise next time I will chat more but for now, for more WIP's (with hopefully a little more information) check out Tami Amis.