Friday, 18 November 2011

One, Two, Three....

Yes folks not one, not two ....but a mighty three Finished Objects this cool is that, eh???!!!  

Not that I have finished them all this week, no that would be madness. To be truthful, it was done over the past couple of weeks but it's all exciting stuff and I feel like a proficient knitter.

So here goes, first FO is Mr H's Cowl:

Knitted in black chunky yarn, pattern is Mistakes - I've made a few!, by Susan Ashcroft, it was the fastest knit I think I've ever done but then it was done on beautiful shiny chunky needles.

Second FO is Miss H's cowl, in beautiful purple:

 I have to admit that's have worn this twice myself since knitting it, love it. The pattern is Sunset In Seattle, by Seattle Yarn.
And last but definitely not least, yes folks it's the Baby Blankie....finished at long last and with a week to go to the birth...ta da:

I know I said previously that I was bored of knitting the lace (see previous blog) but once completed, washed and steam blocked, I kinda fell back in love with this. Handing it over this weekend!!

Well fellow readers that's it (although at the rate I am going I may have another FO for next week - does that mean I really need to get a life???!!!)

For more FO's check out these.



  1. Silly, it doesn't mean you need to get a life, it means you're seriously lucky that you have so much time to knit! Personally, I'm green with jealousy. All of it looks wonderful, too!

  2. What a sweet blanket. If I hadn't already done 3 blankets this year I just might have to look that one up. But I am blanketed out! Cute cowls.

  3. I love all your finishes i will have to look up some of the patterns, and it helps when the family members appreciate the things you have made for them. I need to knit my son a hat asap.

  4. hello I like the purple cowl is cool also the person wearing it is hot

    from your divia daughter (charis)