Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Quick Knitting Update

Hey, they say the weather is going to turn here in the UK and are forecasting snow for October. To be honest with you, I've given up on the weather, (what with the non-existent summer and all).

However, just in case they are right, here's the latest WIP I'm working on for my son, for those bitterly cold morning and evenings that he will be trudging home from school. It's a cowl/snood (someone tell me the difference please, as I'm not sure I know).  I'm using Wendy Mode DK in black (he's a conservative boy!!):

For more WIP check out Tami's Amis blog:


Saturday, 10 September 2011

First Crescent Shaped Shawl

 Guys, I'm on a roll...oh yes I am!

This is the second week that I can post a FO Friday project, how cool is that, (my son says I'm not allowed to say " cool" anymore, it shows my age - I'm supposed to say "sick" ??? I prefer "cool", please don't tell him.......).

Anyway, I've been on holiday for just over two weeks and in that time I managed to cast on, knit, bind off and block my first crescent shaped shawl, as follows:

It's knit with sock wool and I absolutely love it. Yes guys, as we a had a non existent summer, I am now gearing up for Winter. (Note: I'm back to work on Monday, in every sense of the word, so can safely say that I will be slowing back down on my knitting - aahhhh it was nice while it lasted!) For more FO's, click here: