Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Back To School

The kids are back to school, son went back on Friday and daughter went back today....woo hoo....freedom...yes! Now just to set the record straight..I love my children with all my heart (I can't even begin to tell you how much, I love them), they are definitely a blessing from the Lord and I could not imagine our lives without them. However having said that, ( I'm sure I join with most parents of the world) in saying that 6 weeks of constant "I'm bored"' "there's nothing to do..", "what are we doing today?", "can we.......(whatever)?", " I'm hungry...(constantly)"' can get a bit wearing, even for the most patient of us. Granted for 2 out of the 6 weeks, we managed to offset the boredom, went away, etc., and all was good. It was the other 4 weeks that caused the problem. What do we do with them? How do we keep them from being bored? How do we feed them...? On top of this, there were also the financial constraints (unfortunately we are not millionaires... yet!!). So as I walked my daughter into school today, I did it with mixed feelings....elated that she was back and wouldn't be so bored and I would be free of the constant worrying of "the 6 week hope they are ok holiday" and free to enjoy the rest of my holiday (yes I am on holiday too and need to sleep). However, I can't believe that both my kids are now a year older and will soon be children no more.... Where did the time go?? Im sat at home now, just had my latte and croissant, all is quiet... I suddenly feel my heart beating with anticipation. I nearly forgot, in all the excitement of getting them ready for school, I have suddenly remembered that they have both put in orders for me to knit them cowls/snoods for the forthcoming winter. Oooeeee......I'm about to go on Ravelry to find patterns that I can cast on from my stash (Wendy Mode). Son's (black) then daughter's (purple), as he asked first. The best part is that I have a good few hours where I can knit in peace and tranguility. God is good. Maybe I'll also do this for myself.


  1. I love a cowl/snood, I'm hoping to make myself one this winter but we'll see! I love the picture, the colour and the pattern are gorgeous! Good luck with the projects for your son and daughter!

  2. Found you through another blog, and so glad I did! I remember those days when my kids went back to school...phew! You will like making a cowl because it goes pretty fast. Blessings on you and yours.

  3. LOL oh yes, I hear you loud and clear :)