Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Quick Knitting Update

Hey, they say the weather is going to turn here in the UK and are forecasting snow for October. To be honest with you, I've given up on the weather, (what with the non-existent summer and all).

However, just in case they are right, here's the latest WIP I'm working on for my son, for those bitterly cold morning and evenings that he will be trudging home from school. It's a cowl/snood (someone tell me the difference please, as I'm not sure I know).  I'm using Wendy Mode DK in black (he's a conservative boy!!):

For more WIP check out Tami's Amis blog:



  1. I live in Scotland and when you say snow in October I want to weep into my wool stash. Say it isn't so. You have motivated me to get that hot water bottle cover done, sounds like I'll need it! Your snood (no idea the difference, sorry) looks great, I'm sure your son will appreciate it!

  2. I an not sure about the difference but yours is great.