Wednesday, 27 July 2011

WIP Stress

I'm working on two super secret projects right now (well actually 3, but one is on hold, while I finish the other two) and the truth of the matter is that I have come to the conclusion that I don't like working to deadlines. This is my hobby and I want to relax and enjoy. If I want a project to last 7 years - well that's up to me.....really isn't it??

Anyways enough of me ranting, because truthfully it's not all doom and gloom. I have through the process learnt how to knit from a chart, so now I have a new skill to add to my ever growing repertoire - how cool is that?

I am also knitting on the tiniest needles I have ever knitted with (2.25mm/US size 1) and to be honest, I'm quite liking them and the projects are progressing faster than I originally thought they would...I've actually bound off on one and it is in the blocking stage and the other has been cast on and "doing the train trip" (if you know what I mean -yes I knit in public...!!!)

I'd show you pictures but I can't right now (as I said "super secret projects"), I'll show you soon......honest.

So for now this is a photo less blog. Guess you have to try something new (actually the truth is that my Netbook is broken and Mr H has the other laptop and is taking so long with downloading whatever he's downloading that I have given up! Told you that it's WIP stress!!!)

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WIP Wednesday Update

It seems such a long time since I have blogged, I've been busy on other things including working on my knitting projects.  However, I think it's time I updated you on what I've been knitting lately.

I think I am developing an obsession with shawls/wraps and stoles, hence the following projects:

My Lace Leaf Wrap is progressing well.  It's a new technique for me as I told you previously but I think I now have got the hang of it, (it helps with my brilliant "Ticking Chart" of course):

I'm still loving the colour (Green) and the yarn Sirdar Balmoral.  It's my current take out of the house and work on - project (i.e. on the train).

The next project is my Mohair Wrap in lovely red.  I had to frog this project and re-start, as I had no clue what I was doing (first time knitting with mohair) and it didn't look right - but now I feel that I'm getting the hang of it and the project is already feeling so light and airy.  Can't wait to finish this - it's my current stay at home project (I don't feel too confident to bring it out to knit in public, as I may get it wrong!!)

The final project is new, it's a Baby Blanket, for someone close to me who is due to have a baby in the Autumn.  This is my Weekend Project, (not sure why the photo is the wrong way round but you get the picture...ha..ha get it "picture"...oh well never mind, I thought it was funny!!!)

The pattern called for Sirdar Denim Chunky and Denim Sport, the only problem is that I found out when going to buy them that these yarns were being discontinued...near disaster, until I found an online store that was selling at a very reasonable price (obviously getting rid of stock!!).  I later found some in a local yarn shop at more than double the price - so I'm quite happy....RESULT!!

Looks like it's going to be a pretty quick knit, so may get finished way before the Autumn.

So that's my quick catch-up, for more WIP's check out here.