Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WIP Wednesday Update

It seems such a long time since I have blogged, I've been busy on other things including working on my knitting projects.  However, I think it's time I updated you on what I've been knitting lately.

I think I am developing an obsession with shawls/wraps and stoles, hence the following projects:

My Lace Leaf Wrap is progressing well.  It's a new technique for me as I told you previously but I think I now have got the hang of it, (it helps with my brilliant "Ticking Chart" of course):

I'm still loving the colour (Green) and the yarn Sirdar Balmoral.  It's my current take out of the house and work on - project (i.e. on the train).

The next project is my Mohair Wrap in lovely red.  I had to frog this project and re-start, as I had no clue what I was doing (first time knitting with mohair) and it didn't look right - but now I feel that I'm getting the hang of it and the project is already feeling so light and airy.  Can't wait to finish this - it's my current stay at home project (I don't feel too confident to bring it out to knit in public, as I may get it wrong!!)

The final project is new, it's a Baby Blanket, for someone close to me who is due to have a baby in the Autumn.  This is my Weekend Project, (not sure why the photo is the wrong way round but you get the picture...ha..ha get it "picture"...oh well never mind, I thought it was funny!!!)

The pattern called for Sirdar Denim Chunky and Denim Sport, the only problem is that I found out when going to buy them that these yarns were being discontinued...near disaster, until I found an online store that was selling at a very reasonable price (obviously getting rid of stock!!).  I later found some in a local yarn shop at more than double the price - so I'm quite happy....RESULT!!

Looks like it's going to be a pretty quick knit, so may get finished way before the Autumn.

So that's my quick catch-up, for more WIP's check out here.




  1. I love the color of the red Mohair and I'd love to see it finished. And good catch with the yarn! Always wonderful to get a deal and it is such a fulfilling feeling when you find a source for discontinued yarn.

  2. That's a lot of work-in-progress! No wonder you haven't had time to be blogging; your fingers are engaged in other activities! All the projects are looking fantastic!

  3. Would you believe I am thinking of starting another project!!!

  4. Both shawls looks lovely and very promising!