About Me

I started knitting when I was about 8 or 9 (can't remember it was a couple of decades ago). I learnt at school and a little bit from my mum but it really only boiled down to the basic knit and purl stitches. 

I didnt really embrace the hobby though until I was pregnant with my first child, (nothing much to do until the birth) and knitted my first baby blanket, (a stripey number, didnt follow all the correct rules but pulled it of...well sort off!).  Since then I've been hooked.

I'm a wife and a mother to a teenage son and diva daughter.  I work full time in the City, as an Insurance Broker and I am a Minister/Teacher in my local church.  Outside of this (when I have time) I knit.

My projects have been known to take quite a while - believe me but!!! I made a promise to myself in 2010, that whatever project I start in the year will finish in the year!!!  Let's hope I stick to it....!!!!

Welcome to my blog, feel free to leave comments and if you can help me along the way, I would really appreciate it!!