Sunday, 18 March 2012


On Thursday I was feeling kind of "overworked and underpaid", you know what I mean - so I decided during lunch to take a trip to John Lewis in Oxford Street, to cheer myself up by looking at and touching some yarn.

Yes, I did have my project bag with me...yes I could have done some knitting during lunch but I didn't want to...I wanted a different sort of "cheer me upper" that only new yarn could bring.

To be honest, I was also looking for some new yarn for a project scarf, for my daughter in her favourite colours, lightweight enough for spring/summer and that didn't cost too much, (its still a week and a bit from payday and this girl is on a budget)!!!

Anyway, I browsed for a bit, feeling happier and happier - I just love John Lewis - and then I came across this perfect number:

Loved it straight away and knew it would be just perfect for what I wanted. It made me smile, made me want to hold it and never let it go. Even when I got back to work, I had to show all my colleagues, even if they thought I was off "me rocker"!!! I felt great, had to cast on as soon as I got home, abandoning all other WIP's in the process.

How can one ball of yarn make me feel so good???? I can tell you why because it's name is Happy (seriously - Happy by Wendy) and I didn't even pick up on the name until I got home, I just loved it!!!

So far its meeting knitting expectations and I will post photos of the finished project, as soon as I can.

In the meantime here is a photo of my finished Darkside Cowl (I've named it Purpleside Cowl - Darkside sounds well "dark") by Sarah Fama, made with another yarn that I have fallen in love with, Silk Twist by Rowan.:

(modelled by Jade)

I hope you have a happy day too.

- Cheerio

Friday, 9 March 2012


It seems that I have been on a month and a bit break but I can safely say, not an unproductive one. I've been busy, I've had a birthday in between, tinkering on my brand new swift and I've been finishing off some projects as follows:

Firstly, I made a Mizzle for myself, with Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4ply Aran yarn. I'm not going to show a photo of it, purely because I'm not sure that I like it.  For some reason it doesn't look right on me, so I may frog...I've left it for a while though in my little knitting box of FO's, just in case I change my mind - but it's not looking good (unless someone rescue's it!).

Secondly, I finished the following Noble Cowl, made for my friend who like me, loves throwing things around her neck:

I made this from some spare bamboo yarn in my stash and I must admit I love it and she does too. I wasn't too sure at first, messed up the pattern early on because I wasn't concentrating (as you do), so frogged and re-started.

Thirdly, I finished my Birthday Scarf (aptly named because I started it on my birthday...dah, dah).  It's correct name is the Chinook Scarf, by Ali Green. 

It is modelled by the lovely Jade (who I have bought out of retirement...well therapy, (she was suffering from the symptoms of neglect, although my daughter doesn't see it that way at all!).  Jade also had her hair cut and braided for the occasion, the ultimate professional, despite her ongoing troubles  :)


Love this scarf, love this yarn, its called Katia Tupa, in Navy Blue - 50% Merino Wool & 50% Silk - beautiful.  Not very warm (I think) but hey it makes a great accessory.  I think this is going to be a staple in my wardrobe.
I am still beavering away on my Lace Leaf Wrap, Lord knows when I will finish this one, it surely is a Work In Progress (in every sense)!!!
I've also started two new projects during my hiatus, which I will let you know about on WIP Wednesday.
So all in all, I have been an extremely productive about you??  What you been up to??
To see more productivity, check out these knitting professionals on Tami's Amis blog.
(Disclaimer (or something along those lines): I hope you all are Ravelers or you may have difficulty viewing some of the links!!)

- Cheerio