Sunday, 18 March 2012


On Thursday I was feeling kind of "overworked and underpaid", you know what I mean - so I decided during lunch to take a trip to John Lewis in Oxford Street, to cheer myself up by looking at and touching some yarn.

Yes, I did have my project bag with me...yes I could have done some knitting during lunch but I didn't want to...I wanted a different sort of "cheer me upper" that only new yarn could bring.

To be honest, I was also looking for some new yarn for a project scarf, for my daughter in her favourite colours, lightweight enough for spring/summer and that didn't cost too much, (its still a week and a bit from payday and this girl is on a budget)!!!

Anyway, I browsed for a bit, feeling happier and happier - I just love John Lewis - and then I came across this perfect number:

Loved it straight away and knew it would be just perfect for what I wanted. It made me smile, made me want to hold it and never let it go. Even when I got back to work, I had to show all my colleagues, even if they thought I was off "me rocker"!!! I felt great, had to cast on as soon as I got home, abandoning all other WIP's in the process.

How can one ball of yarn make me feel so good???? I can tell you why because it's name is Happy (seriously - Happy by Wendy) and I didn't even pick up on the name until I got home, I just loved it!!!

So far its meeting knitting expectations and I will post photos of the finished project, as soon as I can.

In the meantime here is a photo of my finished Darkside Cowl (I've named it Purpleside Cowl - Darkside sounds well "dark") by Sarah Fama, made with another yarn that I have fallen in love with, Silk Twist by Rowan.:

(modelled by Jade)

I hope you have a happy day too.

- Cheerio

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