Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Black Lace Pashmina

I'm sooooo proud of this one, that I had to share it with you.

I was looking for a black wrap that I could use on dressy occasions or, to take to church to wrap around me if I was feeling slightly cold (our air conditioning can be lethal sometimes).  I couldn't find anything in the shops that I liked or that wasn't mega expensive...so when I came across the pattern for this, I jumped at the chance.

Plus I was desperate to try something a bit more complicated than garter or stocking stitch and thought "lace that'll do....."

Made with Sirdar Silky Look DK in Black (I used 10 x 50g balls), it took 9 months to complete (well that's good going for me..!!!).  I had to concentrate quite hard on this because of the complexity (all those k2tog's, sl1's, psso's and yfwd's.....ahhhhh!!!).  I made a couple of mistakes and so had to restart....but it turned out well in the end!!

I absolutely love this Pashmina, so do all my friends (the amount of times, I had to say "...no you can't have it..!"   Think I may make another one, possibly in red....mmmmm!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Shhhhhhh Secret Project

I'm working on a secret project, for someone I know.  I can't tell you too much about it, (as there are prying eyes) but, I'm hoping to finish as soon as I can and then you will see.  I can let you know it is a mixture of garter stitch rows and stocking stitch, also a mixture of colours!!!  I'm loving it, hope the person does too.
I can't really show you a photo of it (but will post as soon as I finish)...but here's a photo of my favourite place in the whole wide world right now....

If I could I would be visiting here on a daily basis....just to see the wool!!!
Here's my second favourite place in the whole wide world......

Yep, Times Square in New York!!!  I'm back there again next month..can't wait.  It's loud, it's noisy and I love it.  Am yet to find a wool/craft shop but I will not stop until I find one.  If you know any near Manhattan, please let me know......

The only downside is that you can't take knitting needles on the plane :(.....6 hours of no knitting...boring!!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Box Full Of Wool

My box is now overflowing with wool.  I really do not need to visit the wool shop for a while and I really need to finish the Throw I'm working on now. 

I think I'm developing an obsession!!!  I LOVE WOOL!!!! 

I went to the wool shop yesterday just to check to see if they had anything on sale, just in case - said I wasn't going to buy anything and walked out with some sock wool.  Feel the urge to go again tomorrow - must fight it!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Beret & Scarf - Meet Jade

So I know that I said that I only do throws and scarfs, well I deviated on this.  I decided to try my hand at a Beret and well I did it. 

By the way, meet Jade, she will be modelling quite a lot of my stuff along the way (her Agent, my daughter, told me so, there was no negotiation on her part):


Knitted the scarf using Twilleys Freedom Spirit (Dream) 100% wool.  Used a pattern to do the Beret but designed the scarf myself in simple ribbed pattern (using 4mm needles).  Loved doing it, the only problem I found was if I pulled too tight on the wool, it wouldn't snap, it just kind of slowly "tore" apart.

I did make a mistake on the Beret but unravelled it all and started again.  So there are no faults to show on this one.  I like this and it looks good on.  I have lots of people wanting to have the set but they are not getting it.  I may have to make one for one of my friends though.  What do you think??

Friday, 4 February 2011

7 Year Throw

Well here it is, the throw that literally took me 7 years to do!!!.  I started when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter, it was for my son (he was 5 at the time). 

The problem was that it took me so long to do (well I had to attend to the baby..), that my son was growing up (literally), so I had to keep knitting to keep up with his height......  (It was a good thing that I bought enough wool at the outset - (approximately 15 balls), so I didn't run out)!!!

Anyway, finally finished when he was 12 and he loved it (or at least I told him he did!!)

Turned out alright didn't it?  I did make a mistake though, I made it in straight forward rib pattern (knit one, purl one) but I forgot what I was doing once (bound to happen, given the length of time it took to make) - see:

 Like I said, a promise to myself - whatever I start in the year, will finish in the year!!!  Hope I stick to it.......

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Stripey Blanket

This is a photo of the first ever blanket that I made, (to be honest the first ever serious project I undertook).  A stripey number for my daughter, over 9 years ago - I was pregnant and thought that this is what pregnant ladies do.  Why I thought I would go for a stripey number I don't know...I could have started out with a solid colour but hey well, thats not me!!!!

As you can see, I had no idea what I was doing with joining the colours.  Didn't know that I had to twist the different colour wool up the side of the blanket as I knitted, so I just cut the wool and tied them together as I went.

Baby didn't mind though..and well I kind of feel attached to it.  Don't make this mistake though.!!!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Creative Knitting

To get me started, I subscribed to The Art of Knitting.  I only wanted to do the quilted throw....here it is.  Took 2 years to do but not bad...eh?

Introduction To Blogging

Ok I thought I would start a knitting blog...why...because I have searched the net for someone like me, who's  not an expert (kind of easy/intermediate), who could help me in my knitting journey and well I couldn't find one.  All you bloggers out there are "Experts" ...really.  All those jumpers, cardigans and complex stitches...mmm... well I can't relate.  I'm more of a "Throw" (blanket/afghan) and scarf person myself!!  Easy to make up and no shaping/armholes, etc.

To be fair I have just finished knitting a beret, thought I would try, was easy enough but I am now on the matching scarf and another easy project.

Hopefully, one day I will become an "Expert" and then I can wow you with my fantastic cable hooded jumpers but until then, we can go through the journey together..

I will post pics later of all my finished articles, when I work out how to do it...well it is my first attempt at blogging!!.  It will also include the Throw that took me 7 years to complete (...yes that's right, 7 years to complete).

Watch this space.....