Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Beret & Scarf - Meet Jade

So I know that I said that I only do throws and scarfs, well I deviated on this.  I decided to try my hand at a Beret and well I did it. 

By the way, meet Jade, she will be modelling quite a lot of my stuff along the way (her Agent, my daughter, told me so, there was no negotiation on her part):


Knitted the scarf using Twilleys Freedom Spirit (Dream) 100% wool.  Used a pattern to do the Beret but designed the scarf myself in simple ribbed pattern (using 4mm needles).  Loved doing it, the only problem I found was if I pulled too tight on the wool, it wouldn't snap, it just kind of slowly "tore" apart.

I did make a mistake on the Beret but unravelled it all and started again.  So there are no faults to show on this one.  I like this and it looks good on.  I have lots of people wanting to have the set but they are not getting it.  I may have to make one for one of my friends though.  What do you think??

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