Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Black Lace Pashmina

I'm sooooo proud of this one, that I had to share it with you.

I was looking for a black wrap that I could use on dressy occasions or, to take to church to wrap around me if I was feeling slightly cold (our air conditioning can be lethal sometimes).  I couldn't find anything in the shops that I liked or that wasn't mega expensive...so when I came across the pattern for this, I jumped at the chance.

Plus I was desperate to try something a bit more complicated than garter or stocking stitch and thought "lace that'll do....."

Made with Sirdar Silky Look DK in Black (I used 10 x 50g balls), it took 9 months to complete (well that's good going for me..!!!).  I had to concentrate quite hard on this because of the complexity (all those k2tog's, sl1's, psso's and yfwd's.....ahhhhh!!!).  I made a couple of mistakes and so had to restart....but it turned out well in the end!!

I absolutely love this Pashmina, so do all my friends (the amount of times, I had to say "...no you can't have it..!"   Think I may make another one, possibly in red....mmmmm!!!!!!

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