Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Introduction To Blogging

Ok I thought I would start a knitting blog...why...because I have searched the net for someone like me, who's  not an expert (kind of easy/intermediate), who could help me in my knitting journey and well I couldn't find one.  All you bloggers out there are "Experts" ...really.  All those jumpers, cardigans and complex stitches...mmm... well I can't relate.  I'm more of a "Throw" (blanket/afghan) and scarf person myself!!  Easy to make up and no shaping/armholes, etc.

To be fair I have just finished knitting a beret, thought I would try, was easy enough but I am now on the matching scarf and another easy project.

Hopefully, one day I will become an "Expert" and then I can wow you with my fantastic cable hooded jumpers but until then, we can go through the journey together..

I will post pics later of all my finished articles, when I work out how to do it...well it is my first attempt at blogging!!.  It will also include the Throw that took me 7 years to complete (...yes that's right, 7 years to complete).

Watch this space.....

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