Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WIP Wednesday - 27.04.2011

Here's my other WIP project, a matching Beret and Scarf.  Knitting with Wendy's Cashmerino yarn, in cream and green, ribbed around the rim and then in stocking stitch. 

The Beret's finished, as you can see following. I knitted the Beret from a pattern (can't remember which one right now) and I finished it ages ago.......

.....and then I decided to start the Scarf but Oh My Lord, why am I knitting with 3.75mm needles - I must have been out of my mind!!!! - seriously!!!!!  It's taking forever.  I seem to knit for hours and only do about 2cms.

Actually, it did start out life as wanting to be a scarf but now I've decided it's going to be a much shorter neck warmer, of some sort, (the scarf is my own design, so I can make it up as I go along). I can't think of anything worse now, than knitting this as a scarf, with those dreaded small needles......why oh why did I start with them....why......why.......oh why??????

I'm persevering though, I WILL complete this, I WILL!!

Note to self and others - stay away from the 3.75mm needles if wanting to do a scarf - unless you have plenty of time, nothing else to do and want to take some years of your life!!!

I'm hoping to finish for Winter this year, I'm not holding out much hope but will keep you updated :)  x

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  1. A scarf on 3.75? You are an optimistic visionary. I admire you! I can't make it through a scarf using bulky yarn and big needles! Godspeed!