Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Skill + 1UP - 2KCBWDAY2

Now I have to say that I have come a long way, when it comes to my skills at knitting.  Particularly when I look back over the past year and the patterns I decided to take on.

This is going to be relatively short, as I have already spoken about this project previous blog but I just wanted to say that I am so proud of myself for actually attempting and completing my first lace pattern...yes my black lace pashmina..

It was pretty hard doing all the YO, K2tog and all that and remembering the rows, etc.  It was actually this project that made me buy my most favourite knitting tool (the row counter) - extremely useful, when doing an 8 row pattern like this one.

I've come to realise that "concentration" was/is the key with lace - at the time I wasn't sure I would attempt another lacey number but now that it's done, I'm thinking why not - maybe I'll do another one but this time in red!!!!


  1. I wish I was brave enough to do lace, I can not weight to try my hand at it

  2. Beautiful shawl! Maybe a lack of concentration has been my problem with lace. I can only knit at night and I'm exhausted. And I really think I need to get a row counter. I hear they can be a lifesaver.

  3. PandaBear if I can do it, so can you believe me!!

    Most definitely Pumpkin Pie - row counter is the way to go. I'm actually going out at the weekend to buy another one, as I have a couple of projects on the go that need one. I knitted this whenever I could - on the train to work, on the bus, waiting for my kids at various activities, etc!!

  4. that pashima is beautiful. What yarn did you use?

  5. Thanks, I used Sirdar Silky Look DK in Black.