Thursday, 17 March 2011

Self Control

You would be soooooo proud of me today.  I just happened to be near my favourite shop of all time at the moment, (just in case you missed my previous blog, here is the photo):

Anyway, (as you do), I thought I would just pop in....just to see .....and well came across some Wendy yarn on sale, (to be exact Wendy Mode DK, Wendy Merino DK, Wendy Skye, Wendy Mode Chunky and then some).   Oh the feel of them in my hands!!!! I quickly tried to work out what I could make, picked up about 7 balls of beautiful Lilac Wendy Mode Chunky - had a look at the patterns and then......

......had an attack of conscience - did I really need any more wool right now??  Seriously, my knitting box (see previous blog) and various plastic bags near it are already brimming and overflowing with wool.  There was no more room and I couldn't justify the spend to my husband.  I've got numerous projects yet to start, that I told him I need the then bought wool for - seriously, I've run out of excuses!!!!

Anyway, I calmly commenced putting the wool back in place, lingering over them a little longer than necessary, picked up some cable needles instead, cost £1.69 - (don't actually need them now but I will for one of the projects I told my hubby I'd be starting :), paid for them and calmly walked out of the shop. Good shopping and cable needles are a necessity!!!

There was a brief moment of near hysteria however, when I thought of the beautiful lilac but I resisted and calmly walked to my car.  Oh the self control!!

Then I remembered...and the whole world seemed a better place!!!  Yes, I'm going to the Stitch and Craft Show this weekend.....  all the wool in the world - I'll save my money for then and maybe I'll start a project for my hubby, at least that's my excuse..(no I will sometime in the future:)


  1. I never could have resisted the wool. I love yarn

  2. I too saw the Wendy Mode on half price sale. I was so tempted, having just finished a top in Wendy Mode DK, and using up the rest of that to make a cardigan... but I resisted.

    I've not yet spiralled into yarn stashing!

  3. Tink you're so good...I have spiralled into yarn stashing - I think my husband now wishes I bought the Wendy Mode and not gone to the Stitch and Craft Show...(I was uncontrollable)!!:)