Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tidy Mind - Tidy Stitches (..erm..) - 2KCBWDAY3

I would like to say that I'm organised and exacting on how I keep my knitting materials.  For example, here's my Knitting Box, the receptacle for all my wool/yarns and WIP's.  I also keep loose patterns in here:

Pictured here is the container for all my knitting needles and knitting accessories...(bought this especially for the purpose of) also pictured is the container holding the beads, buttons and sequins....which one day I am determined to use on a project, (for now it just looks pretty):

I didn't take a photo (feeling a bit lazy now) but I also keep some patterns in  file together with some books, I recently got for my birthday, on my bookcase.

I would like to say that I am organised.......but here is the reality:

Slightly Organised..!!!


  1. You are mostly organized like most of us so that's a good start there!

  2. I think most people like to be organised by aren't. I have just set up a new system for my yarn stash - give it 6 months and I'll be back to the old stack of plastic carrier bags waiting to be "put away"

  3. @Kepanie thanks I'm getting there. @CraftyCripple..teehee

  4. I think being organised is an ongoing thing.. Your top 2 photos look very organised to me :)