Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WIP Wednesday - 22.06.2011

It's a short one today, just a quick update on another project.

I have recently started this Lace Leaf Wrap and am loving knitting it, so far:

It's probably the most complicated and challenging pattern I have knitted to date, as each of the three leaf sections are not made up of the same amount of rows, so I have had to make myself a chart to help me know where I am for each section - it's working pretty well (if I say so myself).  I'm using Sirdar Balmoral, it's the first time using this yarn and I must say, I do like the feel of it.

For more WIP's check out here.  See ya later, blessings!!


  1. It's gonna be gorgeous! I really like it in the gray you chose.

  2. Hip hooray for new skills! It's looking wonderful!

  3. This wrap is gorgeous! I think the colour you chose compliments it really well