Saturday, 18 June 2011


It's been an interesting week.  Very busy as always but there was time for relaxation, reflection and sorting out some things that have been left for a while.

However, the most interesting day of the week for me was Sailing Day on Tuesday.  My work involves doing corporate entertainment once in a while (sounds good but when you're a home bud like me - it can be a bit well....."long").

Anyway, suffice it to say I wasn't looking forward to sailing due to former experiences (i.e. rough and windy conditions (didn't do my hair or stomach any good) and last year was...well... ABSOLUTELY FREEZING!!!!), so you can imagine my reticence for this one (I tried up until the very day to get someone to go in my place but to no avail :).

To be fair, once I got on the yacht, I resigned myself to the fact that I it might not be too bad, the sun was shining after all and it was a lot warmer than last year - result!!

In fact as we drifted towards the Isle of Wight (and I mean drifted as there was no wind for the sails, so the tide itself was taking us there - my kind of sailing!!), I started to enjoy myself.  Out came the sunglasses, the shorts (not me, I wasn't that brave, it was the other "sailors"), suncream and then my knitting...yes my knitting!!  A first for me and a first for the Skipper (another tale for his book and trainee sailors).

So as this week draws to a close, I realised that I have learnt some firsts about myself...firstly that I actually like sailing ( permitting) and secondly, I have now managed to knit on land, in the air and on the!!

(Oh and I have just finished knitting my first Poncho - it's blocking at the moment  - I'll tell you more this coming FO Friday)!

What about you...what are your firsts??


  1. I don't know if I am the first to say this to you, but I love the layout and appearance of your blog. Oh and of course, the content and your writing is wonderful also!

  2. lindagrace you are indeed the first - thank you very much!!