Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Day In The Life Of...........


Ok, so now I've joined my fellow Ravelry members in the Blog Hub Group, blogging about my typical day.  I thought about this for a while and thought well really do you want to know about my typical day....zzzzzzzzz...insurance...zzzz, housework...zzzz, knitting (well not boring - I find that quite interesting really)!!!

Anyway, then I had a brain wave...my typical day involves what hundreds, (nay... thousands) of people pay to see each day, week, month and year.  What people take the bus, car, train and planes to see...what every tourist to London wants to see, take pictures of, etc., etc., etc.

Yes, every week day morning and evening, I walk past and/or see some of the major tourist attractions for London and for England and it's something I take for granted (as well as getting in the way of tourists taking photos..:)

So here then is my typical commute, after I have dashed to take my daughter to school (throwing her out on the kerb, because I'm late...no I'm not that bad...ha), running like a crazy person to catch my train (not much to see there, as it flies by....)!!!

I get off at London Bridge and join the city workers walking, jogging or running (depending on how late they are!) over the Bridge:

My first sight of an attraction is Southwark Cathedral, with the Royal flag flying.  Its the oldest cathedral in London:

As I walk over the Bridge, to my right is Tower Bridge, (sorry today the Bridge wasn't opened):

I can also see the turrets of the Tower of London and beyond - Canary Wharf....housing the big Financial Institutions as well as the 2012 Olympic Organising Committee:
On the left of London Bridge, I see, in the distance, the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, where Charles & Diana were married. 
Turning the corner, from London Bridge, I come upon The Monument, built to commemorate The Great Fire of London:

From there I pass Lloyds of London, the world renowned & leading insurance market (and one that arguably keeps me in a job :0) 

I also pass this little church which survived both the Great Fire of London and the Blitz bombing in World War 2:

 And then The "Gherkin" (or the Swiss Re building - to those in the trade/know!!!):

Finally, they say that Londoners often walk with their heads down or straight, we never look up and if we did in the City, we would see sculptures like this:

There are more sights that I see, such as The Lord Mayors Office, The London Dungeons, The London Wall, etc., but I couldn't take pictures of them all or, I would have been late for work... 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my daily commute!!!!


  1. Wow, I'm so jealous of your commute! To be able to see all of these great buildings on a daily basis is so amazing. I visited London a few years ago and it became one of my dream places to live. I am currently reading a book on the history of London, but it's not quite the same as being there.

  2. London is one place I would love to visit!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your commute!

  3. Hi! My post is similar in that I live near many of the Freedom Trail sites that attract so many visitors to Boston. I did photos of the many historic views that I pass by each day on my 3 mile walk. Love the photos of London!

  4. Despite my days when I want to go back home, your blog reminded me why I moved to London! Thank you

  5. That's a cool post - I like the last picture especially, because it really is amazing how much stuff we miss when we don't look up!

  6. The "gherkin" building made me smile, and your photo of it with the reflection is wonderful.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. I have to admit that I do take London for granted sometimes but taking these photos made me feel like a tourist, it was fun.

  8. When I worked in town I arrived at Waterloo and then walked across the 'old' Hungerford Bridge which just had views to the east.

    I just thought the views were fabulous, the Shell Mex building that looked like a 30s fireplace, the trees along the Embankment and then the city. Beyond that were the docks, just surviving with the giant cranes.

    Like you, I love London and thanks to the Freedom pass we come to Town frequently.