Saturday, 7 January 2012

Winter White

Well another two projects are off the needles and into the hands of someone I am finding out to be quite knit-worthy. They were actually her Christmas presents but as she doesn't live in London, I had to wait for her to come down (which was good as I hadn't quite finished by Dec 25th....), so they have been re-classed as New Year presents and here they are:

The Canaletto Cowl and the Twistygoo hat. I used up my Sirdar Denim Sport Aran stash on these.

I absolutely love the Cowl, lovely and warm, this is how big it is:

The hat mmmm...ok. I had to frog it a couple of times and I messed up a bit on the decreases, (I really am Not An Expert Knitter) but its passable I guess and Jen loves it. She's already twittered about it and sent a picture. To be honest I tried it on and it really doesn't suit me (big head), so I guess that's why I wasn't enamoured as well.

I love the colour - I call it Winter White. Not the technical name of course, I think that is "Ivory" but the colour does remind me of snow in winter.

So what have you just finished and like/dislike or, not sure about?

For more finished projects, check out Tami's Amis blog.



  1. Very pretty hat and cowl, warm and cozy.
    I am just sewing up a sweater for my husband!

  2. Thank you, look forward to seeing your sweater.

  3. Those are gorgeous! I especially love the lace pattern in the cowl!

  4. You done a great job, very pretty.

  5. Very pretty! I found you through WIP Wednesdays. Here is my project of the week:

  6. They are both looking gorgeous!

  7. Both the hat and the cowl look awesome and it's always such a neat feeling to make something for someone who is truly knit worthy! Can you share the link for the hat or cowl?

    1. Thanks I've shared the link in the post above now. Hopefully you are able to access Ravelry.