Friday, 27 January 2012

Excitement Friday

Something went wrong with my blogger and I lost my original blog on Friday.  I can't remember all that I said, so I'm kind of re-telling a shortened version:

I was excited because I received the following swift (first one ever) in the post for my birthday, bought by Mr H - the star that he is.  It's a Sunflower Swift and I had great service from them, a lady called Claire actually packed my swift ready for posting before I had even paid:

(n.b. this is not an actual picture of my swift, it is taken from Sunflower Swifts website, as mine is still boxed!!)  Not my birthday for a couple of weeks and I'm not allowed to use it yet...mmmmm)

Secondly, I'm excited because I finished my first ever Poncho, in all its lovely chocolatey brownness.  Love it!!

Sorry it's so quick but the technological imp took over and lost my blog.  Hopefully, though you'll see what I've been up to.

Until later....cheerio.


  1. Having a swift is very nice. It's so much fun to wind your own skeins as you need them.

  2. What a gorgeous poncho! I bet you're wearing it tonight! Always nice to deal with a company with good customer service, isn't it?!

  3. Congrats on the swift. Best gift ever! I got mine for Christmas two years ago. It's so nice to have my own.
    I love the poncho. What pattern is it?

  4. That looks like a beautiful swift. I need a new one so I will keep that brand in mind for when I take the plunge. Happy birthday! The poncho looks beautiful too!

  5. Thanks all. Keri the pattern is Rosa's Caponcho by Emma Fassio. Click on my link above which will take you to the Ravelry site.