Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Of Dodgy Ankle, Work Ethics & Knitting Progress

So a couple of weeks ago, I tore a ligament in my ankle....oh the pain, the pain!!!!

Long story short I was walking to work in a daydream and my foot slipped on the kerb and over I went....nearly got run over by a cyclist (bicycle one, not motorcyclist,otherwise I probably wouldn't have been here). Anyway ended up in A&E being pushed around in a wheelchair. Can you imagine.....I'm in a suit, got handbag, one shoe and coat on my lap, the other foot stuck out in front of me and I was almost delirious with the pain. 

Anyway after much prodding and poking, x-rays and painkillers (painkillers were the "bomb", sent me slightly ga-ga but reduced the pain...yeah!!), I got sent home, with instructions to rest, elevate leg above heart, as much as and more painkillers, for a week.

So I thought...RESULT I can knit, without interruption......

Nah, how wrong was I?????...ENORMOUSLY.

You see I made the mistake of letting work know that I can log on/work from home...take it from me whatever you do, don't let your workplace know this!!  To be fair, they are well aware of this fact, I do it on a constant basis...but I shouldn't have brought it up on this occasion.

So the result for that week....

Emails, Conference Calls, Telephone Calls, Spreadsheets, Reports, more calls....3,699,001 (and maybe more, I lost count)

Knitting WIP's...... 0

So not much to show you here knitting wise BUT I do have a WIP, that I am so excited about, that I had to share.

I've been trying for a while to get my daughter involved in knitting, to no avail....not interested.  I even went out and bought her a special set of needles, just for her....not interested. 

Anyway, last week after feeling sorry for me and my dodgy ankle and possibly (more importantly) consternation at my lack of knitting (she hates watching TV with me and I'm not knitting), she decided to get these special needles out and ask me for some of my wool.

I thought she was taking the "Michael", so told her no....but after much nagging and "getting on my nerves"....I gave her some of my cheap acrylic, cast off wool, taught her the basics of garter stitch....and bingo......she took to it like water and after a couple of folks is my daughters....WIP:

Not quite sure what she's making, I think it's a scarf for one of her toys and if you ignore what's going on in the bottom left hand corner, it's not too bad really!!!

I guess you can say this is a WIP for me too.....I finally got my daughter to knit.  Now let's see if she can purl too......!!!!!

What about you, what have you achieved lately???

For more WIP, check out Tami's Amis blog.



  1. Yay for teaching daughter to knit!

    Boo for hurt ankle and then no knitting time! Double Boo!

  2. That's a great start! Our first WIPs were all triangles - we never could keep a consistent number of stitches on the needles. LOL.

    Hope your ankle's feeling better soon!

  3. Oh no poor you. But congratulations on the WIP. She'll be stealing all your yarn before you know it. ;)